Roger Federer’s 19th Grand Slam title was the latest jewel in a crown of achievements with few parallels in sport. Here are two more reasons why he might be even better than you think. As if we needed any.

NBA Free Agency is dominated by max stars and second tier players. But every season, an unheralded player comes from nowhere to swing a playoff game or series. These players may not draw headlines when they sign in July, but they’re good enough to create one next June.

Since the NBA Finals finished on June 13th the Celtics traded away the 2017 number 1 pick, The Process peaked, Jimmy Butler was traded, the 2015 number 2 pick was traded, Paul George told the Pacers he was leaving, the father of the 2017 number 2 pick turned into a pro wrestling heel, and Chris Paul got traded to the Houston Rockets. In fifteen days, the league has been turned upside down. And yet, there’s still two days left before free agency.

A Rugby World Cup that’s up for grabs will be more exciting for everyone. The Lions beating the All Blacks is the key.